Harewood Scene

Welcome to Harewood Scene

  This term a group of talented Year 5 children will be bringing Harewood Scene to you. We hope you enjoy finding out more about the Harewood School Community. Take a look in the Gallery for lots more photographs.

Here’s what we have been doing at Harewood

Sports Day 2018

Sports Day was amazing! Lots of the children’s families came to support and cheer us on. There were three races, running race, skipping race and an egg and spoon race. Well done to everyone who took part and an even better well done if you came 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Only three people didn’t hold their potato in the egg and spoon race! I think that everyone tried their hardest in every race.Thank you to all the teachers who made this happen!                                                                                                By Ava


Year 1 Fairy Tale Visit to Hardwick Park

The Y1 children were invited to have a look around and partake in activities at the park. They first went and had a quick look around then were given a ball of very soft clay and were allowed to use mother natures resources to make a clay fairy tale creature! The children wrote a fairy tale story and looked at all the sculpture in the park.They also got to go to Rapunzel’s tower where she lay down to rest! By Witness

Year 2 Judo Taster Session

The Year 2 children have been invited to partake in judo. They learned how to use judo properly and how judo is about co-coordinating the body and the mind. The sensei or trainer was called Phil, if the children enjoyed the session they could join his club. By Witness

Year 6 P.E. Lessons with a Difference!

Year 6 have been doing some very exciting P.E. lessons! They had the opportunity to go to Hollywood bowl, I am sure they enjoyed themselves and got lots of exercise too! By Zeyad

A group of Year 6 children go ice-skating for their P.E. lesson. They have lots of fun and plenty of exercise learning how to skate! By Mae

Y5 Egyptian trip to Dorman Museum

Y5 went to Dorman Museum for a trip. They wrapped a fake mummy called Edfu in bandages and said prayers. The children dressed up in Egyptian clothes and were introduced to the mummifying process that the Egyptians did. They were shown real Egyptian treasures. They even drew their name in hieroglyphs! By Jenny

Macey-Leigh’s Charity Fundraising

Macey-Leigh is donating around 15 inches of her hair to give to charity! She is giving her hair to the Little Princess Trust. How brave and thoughtful is Macey-Leigh? The Little Princess Trust will make Macey’s hair into a wig for an unfortunate child who has lost their hair due to cancer treatment. Macey-Leigh is a shining star to our school for being so brave. Her hair will be cut in assembly in front of the whole school. Parents can also donate a small amount of money which will make a big difference to the charity and children with cancer. By Ava

      World Book Day

Finally, World Book Day is here! Harewood Primary are celebrating it and also doing lots of things such as; Non-Uniform/Dressing up as their favourite character, a book swap, design a bookmark competition and finally all the lessons are going to be based on books!

Every child will receive a £1 World Book Day token that they can redeem at most bookshops for one of TEN special £1 World Book Day books. By Jasim

Paul Cookson Visit

The whole of the school had a special visit last week. Paul Cookson, a famous poet came to Harewood Primary and read out some of his poems. He signed the all the books that the children bought. They had a jolly good time! He met lots of children and made them laugh a lot. All the children really enjoyed it. Hopefully he comes again. He was very funny and of course he made the teachers laugh as well. By Mae

Children in Need 

Our school raised the fantastic sum of £400 for Children in Need. Nearly everybody came in spots, including the teachers. As you can see the little ones enjoyed it just as much as everybody else. Thank you very much for your donations. By Ava

Nursery Trip to Hardwick Park

A group of children from Nursery went to Hardwick Park. They did activities like collecting leaves and making pictures out of leaves and twigs. A lady told them how the leaves change colour during the seasons. By Jenny

Y4, 5 and 6 Trip to see Michael Rosen

The English teachers of year 4 and 5 took the top writers of year 4, 5 and 6. The children went on a trip to Newcastle to see Michael Rosen (author of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt) at the Theatre Royal. He was hilarious and the children had a fantastic time.

They also saw lots of other things,  firstly, they went to the Baltic then they went to the Sage. There was a food festival. The festivals food was from different countries. They also saw the blinking eye bridge blink. It was the best thing the children and teachers had ever seen! ByJessica

Harewood Tots!

Harewood Tots meet every Tuesday morning at 9:30 till 11:00. Harewood Tots meet at the Riverbank Children’s Centre in the crèche room. Children have to be between 2 and 2 ½ years old and have applied to join our nursery. Parents and carers stay with children. There is a baby area and an outdoor area. The children enjoy lots of activities including singing time, story time and playing with lots of lovely toys. Children go to Harewood Tots until there is a place for them in nursery. By Charlotte

Year 2 Visit to Saltholme RSPB Nature Reserve

A group of children went to Saltholme as part of their science project. They learned about different types of habitats. They also went pond dipping and learned about different bugs found in the area. Even though the weather was a bit gloomy they had an amazing time. By Todd

Year Four Mediterranean Banquet

The Year 4 children enjoyed a delicious banquet as part of their geography studies about other countries. They tried lots of new food, some they liked and some they didn’t! By Raheem

Year One Trip to Saltburn

A group of Year 1 children went by train to Saltburn. They looked at the mosaics about the history of Saltburn. They went on the pier but it was very, very windy and they only got half way! The children built some super amazing sandcastles and played on the sand, then they ate lunch. After all that, they all went on a cliff lift and when they arrived at the top they had a choc ice. It was a long day full of fun! By Jena

                                                  Arts Week

Harewood did art for Arts Week from the 5th to the 9th of June 2017. Year 6 created art based on The Rainforest, Year 5 the Great Fire of London, Year 4-Picasso, Year 3-Monet and Pop art, Year 2-Starry Night by Van Gogh and Andy Goldsworthy, Year 1-The books of Julia Donaldson and Reception-Princes and Princesses. It was quite fun but also messy and that’s what Arts Week is all about! By Jessica.

Gruffalo Hunt Reception Trip

The children went to Guisborough Walkway on a hunt for clues to find the Gruffalo! They had to use a magnifying glass, a spinner and binoculars to hunt for clues. These led them to a mouse, an owl, a snake and eventually the Gruffalo. The saw wooden carvings of animals and even had time for a snack and a drink. They all had a lovely time. By Charlotte

Reception trip to the Owl Centre

As part of their topic on animals the children went to the Owl Centre at Kirkleatham. They got to handle baby owls, snakes and rats. They toured the aviaries and saw lots of different birds. They had a fantastic time. By Toni

Toddler Times

Nursery has a lot of equipment to work with, from simple things like growing plants to creative things like a builders workshop, you name it nursery might have it. 1 of their many ways to learn and have fun is their puppet show, the three bears, looking at the pictures it seems the children really enjoy them. They also really enjoy their own supermarket too. Not only do they learn inside they also have a garden outside, they grow carrots, beetroots and strawberries. Other things they do include: A builder yard, Home corner and good old maths. By Todd Finn

Y 3 & 4 Football Tournament

A group of children went to Northfield Academy to compete against teams from primary schools all over Stockton.They played four games and although they didn’t win they had a good time and showed very good sportsmanship. One of the children said they’re going to do a lot of practice before the next tournament. by Toni

Y4 Trip to MIMA

A group of year 4 children visit MIMA as part of their history topic. They looked at images of our local landmarks. They even learned about the colours used on the Transporter Bridge. They made some sketches of some of the art work in the museum. They created art which linked to discrimination. They learned a lot and enjoyed it.


Year 1 Trip to the James Herriot Museum

By Jena

The children of Year 3 in Harewood visited the James Herriot Museum as part of their history and science lessons. They got to see lots of ways vets help look after all the animals. They also got to see the film set of the programme All Creatures Great and Small series. The children had a very lovely trip and learned so much about the life of a vet. It was a full day trip and they had lots and lots of fun!

Red Nose Day

We raised the fantastic sum of £675 to help this very worthy cause. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Year 5 trip to Dorman Museum

A group of year 5 children went to Dorman Museum to learn about their history topic, the Egyptians. A lady told them all about the mummification system and hieroglyphics (the writing that the Egyptians used), the children also got to write their name in hieroglyphics. They saw some very interesting artefacts. The children and teachers got to dress up as Egyptians on the trip too. They made death masks and had a go at real mummification! The children got to pull the 4 organs (the lungs, the liver, the stomach and the intestines) out of a rich Egyptian but they did have to be careful not to pull out the heart. If they did the children were fired from their job! The children did get to know that a pharaoh, named Tutankhamun, was well-known because his tomb was never robbed by grave robbers. The children also found out that some pharaohs had their slaves die in the tomb with them and some even had their wives in the tomb too. The children learned a lot and really did enjoy visiting Dorman Museum. By Jessica

Year 3 Roman Day

The whole of year 3 enjoyed a full day of Roman goodness. Some children dressed up as Roman people.

On the afternoon they made wreaths out of bay leaves, Roman jewellery and head dresses.

The children made Roman food such as pizza and cheese and honey sandwiches! They also drank grape juice! They had a marvellous time!

By Todd

Nursery Trip to Pet Mania

10 Children had the chance to visit animals at Pet Mania.

They went on a guided tour, finding out about different animals, they learnt about their habitat and what they eat. Some of the children were very brave and stroked some of the animals including a snake, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, goat, bearded dragon and a very, very large sheep. They also had a chance to feed the goats which they absolutely loved. They looked at a lot of different animals like meerkats, an alligator and much more.

 They met three chipmunks which were, believe it or not, called  Alvin, Simon and Theodore. By Toni

World Book Day 2017

This year most of the children wore their favourite book character. Some children wore where’s Wally costumes. The children who were wearing where’s Wally did the mannequin challenge. Reception to Yr4 did a where’s Wally hunt, whoever found the most got a certificate. We did maths and literacy but we made it where’s Wally themed. Everyone got a world book day token too.


Hoopstarz Trip

24 year 4 children went on a trip to Hoopstarz. there were three groups of children, each group had three quarters of an hour. Here’s the winner, her hoop stayed up the longest and she managed to hoola-hoop with five hula-hoops! They didn’t just go to Hoopstarz because it was fun they also went there to learn about fun ways to exercise. By Charlotte.

Year 4 Trip to Preston Park

A group of Year 4 children went to Preston Park as part of their Design and Technology studies about play parks. They dressed up in Victorian styled clothes and they all had lots of fun! The children also explored the Victorian street. They had a lot of fun sketching some of the exhibits.The trip was for half a day I bet they wished they could have stayed longer! By Jena

Year 6 Cross Country Finals

A group of Year 6 children took part in Stockton School’s Cross Country finals. It was at Preston Park, it was very, very muddy. There were vast amount of children from different schools. Mr Taylor said “The children tried hard and were a credit to the school.” He even said that the children were muddy before they ran. By Jessica


Year 4 RSPB Saltholme

Y4 travelled to Saltholme to learn about habitats. A very kind lady told them about what they were doing (E.G. investigating animals and habitats and identifying them). They went minibeast searching and pond dipping. They had lots of fun and even found a sculpture of Mad Hatters tea party form Alice in Wonderland.


Year 4 Saxon Workshop

Year 4 enjoyed half of the day learning about the Saxons. A lady came in and explained about the Saxons and used replicated artefacts to show the children what Saxons would’ve used in everyday life. Then the children got a chance to dress up in Saxon-like clothes. They also got a chance to hold the artefacts and asked lots of questions. By Eve R


Nursery Visit to Hardwick Park

The two Nursery groups, (morning and afternoon) went on a lovely trip to Hardwick park this week. During their trip, they looked at the Autumn changes and also walked around, collecting leaves.

The leaves they collected were then transformed into crowns by the children which they walked back into school wearing!


Year 6 Visit to Dorman Museum

A group of Year 6 children went to Dorman Museum to learn more about their history topic, World War II.

They saw uniforms, both soldiers and nurses and even got to wear some tin hats! They learned about the scientific and engineering advancements during World War II. They enjoyed their visit and learned lots of new facts.


Year 2 Roald Dahl Adventure

Two groups of children went to Hardwick Park. They went on three Roald Dhal adventures:

George’s Marvellous Medicine:

They had to collect-thin tree bark, a special leaf, majestic berries, maroon acorns and a twig the size of a pencil. Then they made their own medicine.

Fantastic Mr Fox:

The children looked for some of the clues pinned to the large, slender trees while one of the children dressed up as the fox himself. They wore a ginger fox mask, a white and blue bandana and a ginger fox tail, which is very fluffy.

The Big Friendly Giant:

The Year 2’s made their very own dream catchers and caught some of the many dreams. They walked around and found them on the floor and on some platforms.

By Ben Ridley


Nursery Trip to the Garden Centre

A group of nursery children were lucky enough to go to the Wyevale Garden Centre in Stockton. They go to see lots of lovely plants and even some fish. They also enjoyed trying out all the different garden chairs! When they got back to school they planted some sunflowers. By Eve


Year 3 Gardening

Year 3 have been doing some gardening in the Harewood Garden. They planted tulips, daffodils, peas, raspberries, blackberries, potatoes and strawberries. They had a great time. By Zarqa.


Year 3 Visit to Local Landmarks

The Year 3 children have been studying local landmarks in their geography lessons. They got to visit the Transporter Bridge and got to walk along the top – they could even see Thornaby!


 Year 1 Victorian Day

The Year 1 children have been learning about life in Victorian times. They spent a whole day finding out what school was like for Victorian children. They did exercises in the classroom, wrote their lessons on chalk boards and learned that schools were much stricter in Victorian times!


Year 4 Trip to Hartlepool Power Station

A group of year 4 children went to Hartlepool Power Station. They were introduced to the guides, Colin, Nichola and Jacque who gave a presentation about how nuclear power stations are different to coal, wind or gas power stations. The children learned exactly how the plant is used to generate enough electricity to power 56 towns. They dressed in safety clothes such as ear defenders, gloves, safety glasses and high viz jackets and were shown around part of the plant, such as the very noisy fan room. They had a very interesting time and learned a lot about how electricity is produced.


Sport Relief 2016

On Friday 18th March it was Sport Relief, our school have been doing extra exercise in our PE lessons and winning certificates. We raised the fantastic sum of £520! Thank you to everyone who contributed.


Year 3 Trip to Sunderland Museum

Year 3 went to Sunderland to go to a museum. They were studying the artist Lowry. They went on a train and they got to see some of Lowry’s work and they also got to see some fossils. They fed the fish, which are called carp and they got to see a lot more. The art gallery features paintings by L S Lowry, as the museum has he largest collection of works by Lowry outside of Salford, together with Victorian masterpieces and artefacts from the four corners of the world. The year 3’s ate their lunch in the local park. By Ben Ridley


St John Ambulance Visit To Harewood

People from St John Ambulance (a medical charity) came to our school to teach the year 5 and year 6 children first aid. We learned the DRSABC (which stands for danger, response, shout for help, airway, breathing and circulation) and we learned how to bandage cuts. We also learned about the recovery position and how to do it. Some children were crowned first aid champions. By Zaid Anwar


Year 2 Seven Stories Trip

Year 2 took a visit to Seven Stories at Newcastle. They learned about different nursery rhymes and morals that can be a life long lesson. They did some drama linked to Little Boy Blue. Some of them dressed up in interesting costumes and had a go at being King or Queen for a day. It was an aMOOzing trip! By Humayra


Phunky Foods Arts Week

The topic for arts week was Phunky foods. We explored how much sugar was in specific items and how we should eat more healthily and have a balanced diet. Also we tried different healthy foods that we could add into our diet.

We all did our part in the school designs. Since we heard the amount of sugar in unhealthy foods… we carrot resist eating healthy!

The whole school went bananas for healthy eating this arts week when we started learning about having a healthy diet. By Ben Ridley


Year 6 Athletics 

Our Year 6 children have been competing in the regional competition.

They travelled to Northfield College and competed against 5 other schools.

They won in the first heat and qualified for the second heat.

The events they took part in were: relay, javelin, long jump, triple jump (which was won by Worthee Ikah), speed bounce and chest push (which was won by Alfie Lindo).

Overall our school came 3rd and all the children got a bronze medal!

Well done to everyone who took part. By Chelsea Edgar


BBC Children in Need Fundraising

staff montage c in need

Harewood Primary have been raising money for this worthwhile cause. Staff and children dressed up as their heroes/superheroes and made a donation. The money goes to a lot of projects across the UK which help vulnerable and needy children. Thank you very much to all our parents and carers for their contributions.

We have raised the fantastic sum of £408 pounds! By Adam


Year 5 Visit to Preston Park Museum

Year 5 have been learning about World War 1 in their history lesson. They visited Preston Park Museum to learn more about life during World War 1. They saw lots of artifacts from 1914-18. They saw lots of different items which soldiers would have used and some children dressed in the uniforms that would have been worn by soldiers in World War 1. They played games to match up the leaders of the different countries which took part in the war.

By Leah Waller-Hill


Year 1 trip Preston Hall Museum and Park

The children enjoyed a toy workshop, they sorted old and new toys and had the opportunity to play with a selection of toys from the past. After a picnic lunch in the ‘potting shed’, the children explored the street, meeting the blacksmith who showed the children his furnace, they also met the grocer and the sweet shop. They were then involved in the opening of the Victorian police Station, two police officers took them down to the cells, bringing real hand cuffs and told them they could have a bowl of porridge, if they were lucky! Some of the children were interviewed by Tyne Tees television and the newspaper took photos to celebrate the special ceremony. The Mayor cut the ribbon and the children all cheered. They were given prisoner hats and the children down the street! By Thomas


Year One Visit to Guisborough Woods

A group of Year 1 children went on a visit to Guisborough Woods. They saw lots of interesting sculptures. The children identified trees and plants they have been learning about in school. They went on a listening and smells walk. The children really enjoyed meeting Blue the working logging horse, they found out that he works hard pulling the logs out of the forest. The children found the stuffed animals very interesting, they saw some animals they had never seen before. They had a picnic lunch and got a Gruffalo sticker from the lady in the shop as they were so good. They were so tired they fell asleep in the minibus coming back! By Macey


Year 2 Visit to the Captain Cook Museum

The Year 2 children have been learning about one of our local heroes, James Cook. A group of children visited the museum at Stewarts Park to learn more about his travels and what he discovered. They dressed up in clothes of the time and found out what it was like to be a sailor on one of his ships. They also created some aboriginal art based on his visits to Australia. The children enjoyed their trip and found out lots more about James Cook.

Super Cyber Safe!

We take the subject of keeping safe online very seriously. Our Year 3 to Year 6 children have recently seen the show Super Cyber Safe by the Team Players Theatre company. This show re-enforced the work we do in school to keep our children safe. Topics covered included keeping information private, cyberbullying, identifying potentially dangerous behaviour and how to report any problems they may have. The children then took part in a quiz show to find out how much they had learned. The children and staff really enjoyed the show and also learned a lot.


Year 1 Trip to the Angel of the North

The year 1 children have been studying the work of sculptor Antony Gormley. A group of children went to see one of his famous sculptures, The Angel of the North in Gateshead. They took their sketch books and did some drawings.


Arts Week

Recently we have had arts week in school. We covered topics such as, Year 6 children made some fantastic Medusa work, Year 1’s topic was Rapunzel. Have a look in the gallery for pictures of us hard at work and some of our lovely displays.


Year One trip to Seven Stories in Newcastle

A group of year one children visited Seven Stories to learn more about storytelling. They dressed up as famous book characters and did some drama and explored what the Seven Stories had to offer. They had a fun time and enjoyed the whole day.


Homework Display

Thank you to all the parents who continue to support their children with their homework projects. We have had some fantastic pieces of work brought into school.

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