English Policy Document

English Curriculum Statement

 A boy born in Stockton (which has some of the most serious literacy challenges in the country) has a life expectancy 26.1years shorter than a boy born in North Oxford (which as some of the fewest literacy challenges)      Literacy and life expectancy, Literacy trust 2018

At Harewood Primary we believe all children, whatever their starting point, deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. Underpinning and essential to this are our aspirations for children to become effective communicators. We aim for them to achieve high standards in speaking and listening, reading and writing to enable them to excel and overcome barriers to their future as successful members who contribute to the British community.

To achieve these aims:

  • We provide a rich and exciting English curriculum designed to encourage a love of language:

Reading is the one ability that once set in motion has the ability to feed itself, grow exponentially and provide a basis from which possibilities are limitless.

Michael Morpurgo

  • From the early years onwards, we offer an inclusive, supportive environment which provides many and varied contexts for talk.
  • We respect and build upon children’s varied experiences of language at home and the vital role of parents and carers as our partners in their children’s learning.
  • Skills are taught rigorously and sequentially. Attainment is regularly assessed and gaps addressed quickly.
  • We encourage pupils to have a voice in their learning. They are encouraged to share their views on books and writing.
  • We recognise the importance of a wide vocabulary and strive to expand children’s vocabulary through experiences across the curriculum.
  • English underpins our wider curriculum. We therefore, utilise opportunities to develop English skills within other subjects and also bring other subjects to life in our English lessons.
  • Stories are valued and well-chosen. We share stories with children that we enjoy as adults and that challenge and broaden children’s minds.
  • We aim to ensure children are taught by staff who are experts and offer teams of adults who are supportive of each other.


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