Harewood Scene

Welcome to Harewood Scene 

 This term a group of talented Year 5 children will be bringing Harewood Scene to you. We hope you enjoy finding out more about the Harewood School.


Here’s what we have been doing at Harewood:

French Day!

Recently our whole school celebrated French day, the children were able to take part in  a lot of really good activities such as: food tasting, singing French songs, French folk dancing, research  about France, French games, building the Eiffel tower out of bricks, collage and even people! by Katie


Y1 Katie Morag Day

As part of their geography work Year 1 had a Katie Morag day. They were they were able to:

  • Dress up
  • Weave
  • Draw
  • Make flapjacks
  • Finger knit
  • Program a beebot
  • Plant a bean

They had a lovely day and really enjoyed lots of different and fun activities. They made baskets that they had to weave and drew pictures of Katie Morag. The children coded beebot to go around a map of the island where Katie Morag lives. By Katie


Y2 and Y3 Judo Workshop

The Y2s and Y3s took part in a Judo workshop to learn more about self defence. They learned how to pin people down and pick them back up. They were given a blue judo jacket because they weren’t allowed to pull on clothes or people’s bodies. Two volunteers were chosen to demonstrate each move then everybody had a go. At the end the person who tried the hardest or did their best got a certificate. By Kye


Y4 Pancake Day!

Y4 celebrated pancake day by making pancakes. First they poured mixture into a pan. Next they held the pan over the cooker and waited for the pancakes to cook.  They also had a go at flipping them! Then they enjoyed eating their pancakes. By Louie



Year 2 and KS2 all participated in Hoopstarz, the childen played some games and learned how to hula-hoop.

They did different activities and learned how to do tricks, including, how to jump with a hula-hoop still spinning and also a 360 full spin, a hop, bend down and stand back up and the Angel of the North all while the hula-hoop was still spinning! By Rhys


Year 3 Visit to Sikh Gurdwara

A group of Y3 children went on a trip to the Thornaby Gurdwara. Volunteers showed the children around the temple. The volunteers showed them their holy book (Guru Granth Sahib) and the bed they put it to sleep on.

The children learned about the five K’s: The Kesh (uncut hair), Kangha (a wooden comb), Kara (Iron bracelet), Kachera (cotton tieable undergarment) and Kirpan (iron dagger). They were also given something to eat. The children covered their heads to show respect. By Fearne


Key Stage 1 Sports Festival

All the Year 2 chldren took part in a Keystage 1 Sports Festival. They went in a coach to Durham University campus, which they found very exciting. Eight schools from across Stockton took part in eight different activities, all the children had a turn of each activity. They had a fantastic time! by Rhys


Y5 In Space!

Two groups of children went to Dorman Museum to learn about space! They created their own space helmets and dressed in some space suits, then went into a room for an activity. They had to re-wire a control panel, they put little clips on some hooks and unscrewed screws, took off a little blue connector and put a new one on, once that was done they put the screws back, they had to do all of that in under 4 minutes! They children had a fantastic time and learned a lot about space. by Maisie


Year 3 Visit to the Life Museum

To link to their history topic about ancient Greeks a group of children went to the Life Centre at Newcastle to take part in a Greek workshop. They learned about the types of science experiments people such as Archimedes would  have done in ancient times. They also saw an exhibition about space and learned more about the planets and astronomy. The children went to the brain zone and found out how the brain controls all of our body. by Louie


Y5 Trip to Heugh Battery Museum

A group of Year 5 children went to the UK’s only open air WW1 museum in Hartlepool. The children had a glimpse of what life was like in the trenches and learnt about what soldiers used and wore in the war. The children also handled different types of equipment. By Fearne


Y5/6 Athletics Competition

A group of 22 children from year 5 and year 6 went to Queen’s Campus Sports Centre at Durham University to take part in an inter-school competition. Each child could take part in up to 2 track and 2 field events, such as, standing long jump, standing triple long jump, vertical jump, soft javelin, speed bounce,relay races and chest push. Some of the children were told their finishing positions with many coming first and second and our school is through to the next round! Well done to all who took part. By Louie

Year 1 Kings and Queens Day

As part of their history topic, Year 1 had a Kings and Queens day,  they could dress up as kings, queens or knights and spend the day doing lots of fun activities. The children iced biscuits and then had a tea party, they decorated crowns, sorted gems (beads) and made jewellery.  It looks like they had a great time! By Kye

Year 4 Indoor Athletics Intra-School Tournament

All the year four children went to the sports hall for an indoor athletics tournament. Each child took part in a  field and a track activity, this included: speed bounce, high jump, long jump, indoor javelin, relay races and chest push. Mrs Burns’ class won! By Katie

Y4 Trip to Kirkleatham Museum

A group of Year 4 children went on a trip to Kirkleatham museum, which was linked to their history topic about the Anglo Saxons. They sat in a dark movie theatre to watch a film about the life of a Saxon princess who was found buried in Loftus. They looked at lots of different types of artefacts and could even dress up as Anglo Saxons. They really enjoyed the visit and learned a lot. By Fearne

Dogs Trust Visit

A dogs trust visitor came in to see the children in Year 4 and Year 3. The children learnt about what they should do when they are around dogs and how to be a responsible dog owner. Lily from Year 4 told us about what the lady said to do if you saw a dog on the street and that you shouldn’t touch it even if it looks friendly. By Rhys

Year 1 Sensational Salads!

As part of their DT work the children did some food tasting and learned about what is unhealthy and  healthy. They described what different vegetables and fruit felt like and drew what the inside of the fruit. They learned how to make fruit salad and how to cut carefully and, of course, they enjoyed eating what they made! By Louie

Y4 Rugby Training

A group of children went to Northfield School in Billingham to take part in rugby training with children from other schools. They learned a variety of different skills which were taught to them by two of the secondary school children. The children got a certificate at the end; they really enjoyed the training and learned many of the skills they would need to play in a rugby match. By Kye

Y4 Trip to Saltholme Nature Reserve

As part of their science lessons about habitats a group of children went to Saltholme, they looked at a variety of different habitats and identified which creatures would live there. They took part in two workshops, living things and their habitats and pond habitats. They had a very interesting time and learned lots of new things. By Katie

Year 6 Cross-country race

A group of girls and boys from year six went to All Saints School to take part in a cross-county race with children from lots of other schools. They ran around a 1200 meter field . The 10 girls and 20 boys who won will go to Preston park for another race! Good luck! Lexie from our school qualified, well done Lexie.  by Maisie

Year 6 Crucial Crew Visit

The children from Year 6 went on a very important visit. They learned about internet safety, fire safety, keeping safe in water and on roads. They also learned about dangerous things about fireworks They watched lots of different activities and helped the staff to make good choices.They learned lots of things which will keep them safe in the future! by Fearne

Y5 Tri-Golf

On Tuesday 9th July 10 Year 5 children [6 girls 4 boys] went to Durham University to go to a Tri Golf event. We came 2nd and were one of the only Year 5 groups there!

By Lexie

Sports Day

On the 3rd of July, different year groups participated in sports day in 5 different types of events! Everybody enjoyed it to the fullest. All the children enjoyed the variety of events like the egg and spoon race, space hoppers, obstacle course, sprinting and skipping race. At the end of every race there was a lot of certificates handed out to the people that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the races!

By Cheng


On Wednesday 19th June our school took part in an athletics tournament as well as many other schools. Two children from our school achieved a couple of medals. Olivia, a Y5 child, received 2 silver medals for her performance in howlers and relay. Witness, a Y6 student, received a silver medal for his performance in chest push too.

By Corey

Y6 Leavers Performance

On 28th of June Y6 will be doing their leavers performance, it will be based on The Greatest Showman, there will be clown acts, singing, hula hoopers, human cannonball, The Magnificent Plate Spinners, Amazing Guitarist, circus acts. The show will be on the afternoon. Please come along to support the children!

                                                                       By Kiera

Y2 Trip to Pizza Express

  On Thursday 13th June, Y2 went on a trip for their topic about food. They were shown how the                       coffee machine worked and then made their own coffee. They stepped inside the freezer cupboard and they made their own pizza and brought them back to school and ate them. They really enjoyed making the pizzas, they had a brilliant time at Pizza Express.

By Kiera

Y5 and Y6 Athletics

On 10th June a small group of year 5s and 6s were selected to go to an athletics tournament for the Stockton Finals. The event was held at Middlesbrough Sports Village. The children competed in track and field events across the course of the day. All of the children had a lot of fun and a child in Year 5 won a gold medal and so is going through to the next round.

By Lydia

Upcoming Dates

Sports Day: Wednesday 3rd July

Parents Evening: Monday 1st July (all week)

Homework Display: Tuesday 9th July( Nursery-Year 2)

Homework Display: Wednesday 10th July (Year 3-Year 6)

Year 6 Performance: Friday 28th June

Year 6 Trip to Flamingo Land: Wednesday 26th June

Breakup from school: Friday 19th July

By Alex

Y4 & Y5 Author Visit

On May 22nd Vashti Hardy came and visited the Y4s and 5s and told them about her new books. We got some top tips off Vashti on how to write a story.  She also picked a Y5 student called Abigail and got her to dress up as a pilot by picking students one at a time to pick stuff out of a bag and for her to put them on. Some people got to buy books if they wanted to and got them signed and the books were at a discounted price of £5.

By Lexie B

Y4 Visit to Transporter Bridge

On Thursday 23rd of May a group of year 4 children got chosen to go to the Transporter Bridge! They were guided around by two men. They went up and across the bridge on the glass gondola and went up to the place where people bungee jump. They also learnt about the history of the bridge and Teesside and saw a sculpture made by the artist Mackenzie Thorpe who is from Middlesbrough! It was all part of their topic work about pulley systems.

By Alex

Y1 Mad Science Day

Last Thursday, (2nd May), Y1 Had a science day. They did a handful of activities such as, putting Skittles in a circle on a plate and dropping water onto it to make a cool, colourful pattern and making a hole in plastic cups then tying string to it and talking to each other through it. The children also did an experiment where they put wooden cars on a slope for a race, each slope had different materials on it to see which one went down the quickest. The children also created and decorated paper aeroplanes, after making them, they went outside and threw them to see who’s aeroplane would go the furthest. The children really enjoyed doing the science experiments.

By Corey

Reception Trip to Hardwick Park

A Reception class went on a trip to Hardwick Park on the 24th of April. They went on a minibeast hunt, searching for creatures like spiders, insects and other small insects. They also hunted for food around the forest to feed the hungry caterpillar, (which was fake of course) and sorted all the minibeasts picture into different types of categories. The children did all of this to learn more about their topic which is growing. They also made some butterflies using different types of materials.

By Cheng

Nursery Trip to Newham Farm

 On 27th March, 2019, Nursery went to a farm in Newham and fed the animals, there were animals such as, llamas, pigs, sheep, chickens, baby pigs, ducks, horse, guinea pigs and finally, goats. They also played in the park, they had lots of fun!

By Corey

Y5 Book of the Year Ceremony

On Tuesday 26th March 2019, Set 1 book of the year people and book of the year club went to St Patrick’s Primary School to see the author that wrote Ice Garden called Guy Jones. The Ice Garden is the one in the Book of the year books.

On 26th March two children from year 5 were chosen to go to Stockton’s Children’s Book of the Year. They got to meet four of the authors because one author couldn’t make it. The winner was Tom Nicoll who wrote Boyband of the Apocalypse. The children got a certificate each to say well done for getting picked, a badge and a book voucher to get a book. They had a lot of fun and got some books signed.

By Lexie and Lydia

Y1 Victorian Day

On the 21st of March year 1 had a Victorian day to experience what it was like back in the Victorian times. They found out what happened if you had been naughty, for example they were shown what would have happened if you got the cane punishment and they gave some of the children the dunce hat to wear. They also tried out a back straightener to help them set up straight and did some maths on the chalk board.

By Cheng

Y1 Trip to Preston Museum

Last week, year 1 went to Preston Park Museum for their history topic Victorians. Next week, they are going to have Victorian school day! They went to go and see what schools and homes were like back in those days. They used fountain pens and they learnt the punishments that happened almost 1000 years ago. They had a drink of hot chocolate in the Victorian cafe.

By Alex

Red Nose Day

On Red Nose Day, all the classes did different activities such as: Year 2 and Year 4 designed red noses, Year 5 were doing red nose day colouring packs and bingo. Everyone came in non uniform and wore their red noses. In total our school have raised, for red nose day, £420. A very big thank you to everyone who brought in money.

By Lydia

Y5 Dorman Museum

Y5 went on a trip to Dorman Museum on Tuesday the 12th March. It was all about Egypt. We went in two groups, one of the groups wrote their name in hieroglyphics, the other group were mummifying a fake body, they pulled out liver, lungs, stomach and intestines. At the end we switched and the other group did the same. Before we went we decorated a helmet. We had lots of fun!

By Kiera

World Book Day

On the 7th of March everybody is invited to either dress in their pyjamas, school uniform or non-uniform or. Every child will get a £1 book token to use at most book shops to choose from 10 special different books that cost £1. They will also do lots of different activities about world book day and hopefully the children will enjoy it. My Favorite book is Boyband of the Apocalypse written by Tom Nicole.

By Cheng

Judo Taster Session

On 27th February, a man came to our school and taught children how to do Judo. They did activities, such as, knock each other off balance and they also played dodge ball, they had to be put in partners for this. Doing the judo helps them gain confidence in their control and partner work.

By Corey

Y1 – Katie Morag

On Monday 11th year 1 had a Katie Morag Day. They grew flowers and  also made sheep out of cotton wool and paper plates. They tasted many different Scottish foods such as: haggis, salmon, shortbread, pancakes, iron bru, scotch broth and Scottish oatcakes. Year 1 also made porridgeies, did finger knitting and dressed up in Scottish clothing. They weaved paper to make tartan and did finger knitting to make some pretty bracelets. They had a great time!

By Lydia

Y4 Visit to Durham Cathedral

Year 4 went on a school trip to Durham Cathedral. They met a very kind lady who showed them around. They found out that Durham Cathedral was built between 1093 and 1133. They had a great time learning about the History of the Cathedral. As they walked around, they saw a model of the Cathedral made out of 299,128 Lego pieces!

By Kiera and Alex

After School Clubs – January 2019

There are lots of After School Clubs going on at Harewood. We have singing club, where they sing all types of songs! They sing a lot of Elvis Presley songs! They have Mr Gibson on the piano almost every song they sing and Ms Sheraton conducting them. A group of Year 6’s were selected to take part in the Makey Makey after school club. In the club the children have to make a circuit that is connected to the computer. The end of the alligator clips are connected to different things such as: Fruit, Jelly Babies and Tin Foil. They then used Scratch (a computer program) to create some code which runs their projects.

Year 3 & 4 go to an after school club where they can practice their times tables on TTRockstars. Year 3 are also running a drama club. For the beginning bit, a person stood at the front and asked a child to come forward. That child had to act like an animal while they moved towards the child at the front. Reception are running a games club where they learn to take turns and be patient, as well as learning how important it is to share. Year 4 are running a Juggling club. Mrs Burns is teaching the people in the club how to juggle. They use fabric at first and then go onto bean bags and then they make their own juggling balls out of balloons and rice.

By Lydia, Lexie, Corey, Kiera, Alex and Cheng

Arts Week – January 2019

During Arts Week, Year 1 learnt about the polar regions and made things relating to that, for example they made penguins and polar bears. Year 2 learnt about the rainforest and did some art about it including sloths, tigers, monkeys and much, much more. Year 3 were learning about the environment. Then they learned about how plastic pollutes the world. They made bottle fish, jellyfish and posters all about plastic pollution. They made a beautiful display with lots of ocean creatures. Year 4 made extinct animals! The topic was called The Lost Words because it was about extinct animals that we have lost in the past! It was also a poem book. Year 5 were doing about Trees. They were working hard to produce fabulous art that is now on display in our school hall. They used techniques such as: printing, painting and many more. They based their art off two artists, Eloise Renouf and David Hockney. Year 6 were learning about rock pools. During arts week they made fish, star fish, rocks and seaweed, they put it all together and made a fabulous display.

By Lydia, Lexie, Corey, Kiera, Alex and Cheng

Children In Need

On the 16th November children dressed up in fancy dress or their own clothes as part of Children in Need. Most children put a £1 donation in the pot and we raised a whopping amount of £435.00!

By Lexie

Y5 Trip to Dorman Museum

A group of Year 5 children went to Dorman Museum. A lady told them facts about Mars. They made their own space helmets (out of a selection of material). They got put into teams and one team made rovers! Some year 5’s had to imagine that they only had 4 minutes of oxygen left and had to try to figure out a way to survive. They had lots of fun!

By Cheng

Reception Wedding

Reception held a fake wedding as part of their topic Celebrations. They made confetti and flowers to decorate the hall and they dressed up in costumes. It looks like they had a lot of fun.

By Lydia

Y3 Stone Age Lady Visit

In Y3 a lady came in to teach them about the Stone Age. The children dressed up and learnt about the food that Stone Age people ate. They found it very exciting and interesting.

By Kiera

Reception Trip to Hardwick Park

Last week Reception went on a trip to Hardwick Park. The guide talked to them about how to identify leaves. They made some collages with the leaves they collected.

By Lexie

Y4 Trip to Preston Park

Last week year 4 went to Preston Park! They were researching the equipment for their DT topic all about play parks. With all the research they have done they will be making play park equipment out of straws, sticks and much more.

By Alex

Sports Day 2018

Sports Day was amazing! Lots of the children’s families came to support and cheer us on. There were three races, running race, skipping race and an egg and spoon race. Well done to everyone who took part and an even better well done if you came 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Only three people didn’t hold their potato in the egg and spoon race! I think that everyone tried their hardest in every race.Thank you to all the teachers who made this happen!

By Ava

Year 1 Fairy Tale Visit to Hardwick Park

The Y1 children were invited to have a look around and partake in activities at the park. They first went and had a quick look around then were given a ball of very soft clay and were allowed to use mother natures resources to make a clay fairy tale creature! The children wrote a fairy tale story and looked at all the sculpture in the park.They also got to go to Rapunzel’s tower where she lay down to rest!

By Witness

Year 2 Judo Taster Session

The Year 2 children have been invited to partake in judo. They learned how to use judo properly and how judo is about co-coordinating the body and the mind. The sensei or trainer was called Phil, if the children enjoyed the session they could join his club.

By Witness

Y5 Egyptian trip to Dorman Museum

Y5 went to Dorman Museum for a trip. They wrapped a fake mummy called Edfu in bandages and said prayers. The children dressed up in Egyptian clothes and were introduced to the mummifying process that the Egyptians did. They were shown real Egyptian treasures. They even drew their name in hieroglyphs!

By Jenny

Macey-Leigh’s Charity Fundraising

Macey-Leigh is donating around 15 inches of her hair to give to charity! She is giving her hair to the Little Princess Trust. How brave and thoughtful is Macey-Leigh? The Little Princess Trust will make Macey’s hair into a wig for an unfortunate child who has lost their hair due to cancer treatment. Macey-Leigh is a shining star to our school for being so brave. Her hair will be cut in assembly in front of the whole school. Parents can also donate a small amount of money which will make a big difference to the charity and children with cancer.

By Ava

Paul Cookson Visit

The whole of the school had a special visit last week. Paul Cookson, a famous poet came to Harewood Primary and read out some of his poems. He signed the all the books that the children bought. They had a jolly good time! He met lots of children and made them laugh a lot. All the children really enjoyed it. Hopefully he comes again. He was very funny and of course he made the teachers laugh as well.

By Mae

Children in Need 

Our school raised the fantastic sum of £400 for Children in Need. Nearly everybody came in spots, including the teachers. As you can see the little ones enjoyed it just as much as everybody else. Thank you very much for your donations.

By Ava

Nursery Trip to Hardwick Park

A group of children from Nursery went to Hardwick Park. They did activities like collecting leaves and making pictures out of leaves and twigs. A lady told them how the leaves change colour during the seasons.

By Jenny

Y4, 5 and 6 Trip to see Michael Rosen

The English teachers of year 4 and 5 took the top writers of year 4, 5 and 6. The children went on a trip to Newcastle to see Michael Rosen (author of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt) at the Theatre Royal. He was hilarious and the children had a fantastic time.

They also saw lots of other things,  firstly, they went to the Baltic then they went to the Sage. There was a food festival. The festivals food was from different countries. They also saw the blinking eye bridge blink. It was the best thing the children and teachers had ever seen!


Harewood Tots!

Harewood Tots meet every Tuesday morning at 9:30 till 11:00. Harewood Tots meet at the Riverbank Children’s Centre in the crèche room. Children have to be between 2 and 2 ½ years old and have applied to join our nursery. Parents and carers stay with children. There is a baby area and an outdoor area. The children enjoy lots of activities including singing time, story time and playing with lots of lovely toys. Children go to Harewood Tots until there is a place for them in nursery.

By Charlotte

Year 2 Visit to Saltholme RSPB Nature Reserve

A group of children went to Saltholme as part of their science project. They learned about different types of habitats. They also went pond dipping and learned about different bugs found in the area. Even though the weather was a bit gloomy they had an amazing time.

By Todd

Year Four Mediterranean Banquet

The Year 4 children enjoyed a delicious banquet as part of their geography studies about other countries. They tried lots of new food, some they liked and some they didn’t!

By Raheem

Year One Trip to Saltburn

A group of Year 1 children went by train to Saltburn. They looked at the mosaics about the history of Saltburn. They went on the pier but it was very, very windy and they only got half way! The children built some super amazing sandcastles and played on the sand, then they ate lunch. After all that, they all went on a cliff lift and when they arrived at the top they had a choc ice. It was a long day full of fun!

By Jena


Arts Week

Harewood did art for Arts Week from the 5th to the 9th of June 2017. Year 6 created art based on The Rainforest, Year 5 the Great Fire of London, Year 4-Picasso, Year 3-Monet and Pop art, Year 2-Starry Night by Van Gogh and Andy Goldsworthy, Year 1-The books of Julia Donaldson and Reception-Princes and Princesses. It was quite fun but also messy and that’s what Arts Week is all about!

By Jessica.

Gruffalo Hunt Reception Trip

The children went to Guisborough Walkway on a hunt for clues to find the Gruffalo! They had to use a magnifying glass, a spinner and binoculars to hunt for clues. These led them to a mouse, an owl, a snake and eventually the Gruffalo. The saw wooden carvings of animals and even had time for a snack and a drink. They all had a lovely time.

By Charlotte







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