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Food Banks

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Do you need support ?
People who we support

Individuals or families in Thornaby, and the surrounding areas, who are:

  • Temporarily struggling to buy food, toiletries and other essential items

  • Homeless

  • Fleeing violence/abuse

  • Identified by local schools or other agencies

A referral is not necessary to access help from us.


We can help with

Food, toiletries, adult and child clothing/footwear and other household essential items (when available).

We offer seasonal support with Christmas hampers, toys, Easter eggs, school uniforms and packed breakfasts and lunches over the school holidays.

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What is Emotion Coaching?
 Emotion Coaching is a communication tool that uses
moments of emotion to guide and teach a child or young
person about more effective responses. Click below for a full guide.
Emotion Coaching Guide for Parents


There is no magic wand for challenging behaviour, instead you need to be a detective and try to
work out why your child is behaving this way – all behaviour is communication.’
Positive Parenting Strategies Handout


Click here for more information on the One Plus One programme, this is an online programme supporting parents/carers to communicate better:
Me, You and Baby Too
Arguing better
Getting it right for children




Help Point

Help Point

We know how difficult it can be at certain times in your life and sometimes all you need is that little bit of extra support or advice and guidance to get you back on track.  Therefore, this area of the directory has been developed to provide you with access to a range of information, advice, guidance and support from trusted sources, and services. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the categories below, please contact the Families Information Service on Tel: 01642 527225 or email Click here to be taken to the website for more information.



Young Carers Support Services

Eastern Ravens Trust currently provide a wide range of support to young carers who live within the Stockton Borough.

These include:

Respite Breaks Time out for young carers to meet others in similar situations, take part in activities similar to their peers, group work to increase confidence and self-esteem.
Family Support Help for parents and guardians, including listening ear support and signposting to other agencies and services.
Whole Family Activities Opportunities for young carers and their families to enjoy fun activities together, reducing isolation and combating poverty.
Schools/Colleges Raising awareness of young carers and their issues with pupils and school staff.

For further information contact Eastern Ravens Trust by telephone: 01642 678454 or visit the Eastern Ravens Trust website.