Maths Policy Document

Maths Curriculum Statement

The Maths Curriculum is delivered using the National Curriculum 2014 and the Early learning Goals are followed to ensure continuity and progression from the Foundation Stage through to the National Curriculum.

The EYFS Framework in relation to mathematics aims for children to: –

  • Develop and improve skills in counting
  • Understand and use numbers
  • Calculate simple addition and subtraction problems
  • Describe shapes, spaces and measures

The mathematics curriculum in Early Years delivers a balance between child initiated and teacher directed activities. Children access mathematics provision within both the indoor and outdoor areas. This enables children to develop interests around mathematics during child-initiated play.

Children in both nursery and reception are taught mathematical skills during small group teacher directed practical sessions. In nursery four teaching sessions are delivered each week as well as regular short teaching sessions to revisit and embed core mathematical skills. In reception teachers use Abacus to support the teaching of mathematics in small group sessions. Over a two-week period five mathematical sessions are planned and delivered to every child. Understanding of mathematics is also developed through stories, songs and imaginative play which enables children to enjoy exploring and using number, shapes, spaces and measures.

We provide a daily maths session, of at least 60 minutes, that seeks to reinforce previous learning and allow children to take on new skills and apply these in a range of contexts. Children are taught in sets from Year 2 upwards to ensure that the pitch and pace of the lesson is appropriate.

 We believe that mental maths skills are key to allowing children to access more complex calculations and as such we ensure that each lesson has a period of time spent developing fluency. Problem solving and reasoning are also a daily feature in our lessons. It is important that children can not only recall facts but can also apply them.

Children are encouraged to learn their tables and we use TTRockstars from years three to six to enthuse and engage with this important skill.




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